The Contemporary Worship Service at St. Mark Lutheran Church takes place every Sunday at 10:30am.  We are grateful to have 5 Worship Bands who lead our congregation with beautiful music, week in and week out.  Presenting an eclectic mix of rock, fusion, pop, and country, St. Mark has something for everyone to enjoy!

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Brock Zwicke, at 



Sons of Worship has been a staple at St. Mark for over 15 years, blessing us with bluegrass, rock and a whole lotta country!

You will notice that one son is actually a daughter, but she is still one of the “dudes”. As the Bible says we are all “sons of God” and first heirs to His kingdom.


Groove along with Sons of Worship at SMLC’s 10:30am service to enjoy our own brand of southern hospitality, right here in Lindenhurst!


Members: Karissa McGill (vocals), Todd Stickney (vocals), Dave Dummer (bass), Kevin Korom (guitar), Chris Hartung (drums) & Howard Rudny (guitar).



Arise! has had many lineups over the years, because they live by one motto: The more, the merrier.

This uplifting group presents a unique blend of powerful rhythms, angelic strings, and rich vocals to praise the Lord while having a blast.

Sundays at 10:30am, you might just hear Arise! playing the same hits you enjoy on K-LOVE!

Members: Bella Sundt (cello), Pam Luy (viola), Susan Rudny (violin), Sara Lunkenheimer (violin), Jake Scheuri (vocals), Tammy Miller (vocals), Wendy Weidner (vocals), Charlie Burke (vocals/guitar), Rob Merritt (keyboard/bass), Nathan Gundlach (drums) & Walter Klein (drums). 


Bear Witness turns two this year, and they are more motivated than ever to bring you the classics, as well as some hidden gems in a style unlike anything you have heard before!


This group is always looking to push the envelope with warm harmonies, intricate drumming, and inspiring piano features.

Worship with Bear Witness at St. Mark’s 10:30am service!


Members: Brock Zwicke (drums/guitar/bass/vocals), Ashley Alm (vocals) & Isabella Frank (piano/vocals).





Grace Upon Grace is the newest addition to St. Mark's contemporary worship lineup, arriving on the scene in late 2020.

Formed from members of Youth in Christ, Bear Witness, and Dirty Rotten Sinners, Grace Upon Grace brings some much appreciated youthful energy and soulful boldness to SMLC!

Members: Jackson Krook (guitar), Dusten Knull (bass), Sophia Griffith (vocals), Nathan Gundlach (drums/keyboard/vocals) & Isabella Frank (piano/vocals).




Made New has been turning the volume up for over five years at St. Mark with driving beats, crunchy guitars and impressive harmonies!

You are sure to hear all the songs you know and love, but this time with a rockin’ twist.

Raise your hands, stomp your feet, and rock on with Made New at SMLC’s 10:30am service!

Members: Ryan McGill (bass), Karissa McGill (vocals), Mike Strand (vocals), Chris Hartung (drums) & Kevin Korom (guitar).