The music at the second Sunday service at St. Mark depends on largely volunteer band groups with a variety of styles. From restyling old hymns, to current Christian rock hits, we try to be as eclectic as possible while making joyful noises.  If you are interested in providing special music for this service, subbing with a band, or just finding out more, please contact Brock Zwicke (



Ladies in front row: Susan Rudny, Debbie Langsam, Lindsey Batke and Missy Mailfald.  Gents in the back row: Rob Merritt and Charlie Burke. ARISE mixes strings from violins, guitars, ukuleles and mandolins, with keyboards and percussion, to produce a soft folk-rock feeling designed to draw people into God's holy presence.

Youth in Christ

This band is exactly what it sounds like — a band made up of our youth (middle school age and older). Right now we need new members due to relocations and college enrollments.  Email Chris Gjelsten or Charlie Burke for more information.

Sons of Worship

This incredible band has been together in various versions for over 15 years!  Sons of Worship has a style all it’s own… a combination of bluegrass and country that is sure to please with veteran musicians that have performed professionally with a number of bands throughout their individual careers.  You will notice that one son is actually a daughter, but she is still one of the “dudes” as the Bible says we are all “sons of God” and first heirs to His kingdom.  So let me introduce you to the Sons of Worship: 

Left to right: Dave Dummer (bass), Kevin Korom (rhythm guitar), Chris Hartung (drums), Karissa McGill (vocals), Todd Stickney (vocals), Howard Rudny (lead guitar). You can be part of the groove with “Sons Of Worship” at the Contemporary Worship Service on the 2nd Sunday of each month!

Bear Witness

Bear Witness is the newest addition to St. Mark's contemporary worship lineup, being just over a year old. Brock Zwicke, the band's drummer and vocalist, strives to "share music that pulls ideas from different genres and resonates with every generation in the congregation. Comprised of musicians from Youth in Christ, Arise! and Dirty Rotten Sinners (remember them?), Bear Witness provides a sonic fusion of classical, rock, folk, and pop that is just as eclectic as its lineup of talented musicians. Let's meet them!
Left to right: Brock Zwicke (drums, guitar and vocals), Celia Kuhn (vocals and French horn), Isabella Frank (piano and vocals), Chris Gjelston (guitar, bass and vocals). We invite you to worship with Bear Witness on the fourth Sunday of every month!